Monday, October 31, 2005

Willing Suspension of Disbelief

I love the weekdays cause it brings along with it a sense of "purpose" - go to school, sit through lectures, study, talk about classes, subjects - which drains me of all mental energy by the time i'm back in my room, yet renews me with happy content feeling knowing that i have achieved some kind of progress as a human being. :P

or regress, depending on your point of view.

Today we had a guest speaker on globalisation and nationalism who was (for once) really articulate about his views and made pretty convincing arguments about the collapse of globalisation and the rise of nationalism... even if he did call Mahatir a racist. Although I really can't see how or why Dr M should be labelled as such.

I also dropped by soas and registered at its library, and whoa but soas is one hell of a lepak school. The pace is visibly slower, security is friendly, kids there are more grungy-looking and probably more leftist-inclined compared to the future investment bankers and financial consultants in this part of zone 1.

yet as much as i hate the idea of making money being the end of all, it does help to have a rich school with great facilities where everything's automated and computerized and "on the system".. until the system breaks down and isn't working.. which, thank god, has yet to happen. My microwave cum oven cum grill broke down but that's beside the point.

so in conclusion, and i don't know if this point is worth making, but i am tired and i just want to sleep but i have yet one more article to read and so i will go after making this point, which is: I think I like my school after all, posh snobs and capitalists aside. :) And while the teaching-system itself leaves much to be desired, we do have some pretty interesting people coming our way to give talks and chit-chat with the students. And that is, wow.. pretty wow.

random fact: i'm finding that bach makes excellent study music. :)


Supermanofgod said...

hi don't worry Grace. You have a friend in me. I love you for you. I would be happy to accompany you to any movie if your new love interest can't go with you. Problem is I'm halfway around the world away from you anf my translating powers haven't surfaced yet. In a small sentence what it all means is I miss you Gracie - Dariusknighty

g. said...

dars you so sweeetttt :) love ya too man. sigh. hopefully your fiancee doesn't read this blog. lol.