Monday, February 22, 2010

an old song in my the lyrics

You rescued me
and picked me up
a gift of hope
and grace revealed
a life transformed
in righteousness
o lord
you have rescued me

forgiving me
you healed my heart
and set me free
from sin and death
you brought me life
you made me whole
o lord
you have rescued me

and you loved me
before i knew you
for you knew me for all time
i've been created
in your image
O lord
and you bought me
and you sought me
your blood poured out for me
a new creation
in your image
o lord
you rescued me.


love love LOVE this song. reminds me of times spent thinking about god and love and grace and everything else in between in the philippines. reminds me of jab and his stories. ah i will miss him so.