Thursday, October 20, 2005

shit shit shit shit shit Vantage point

So it's been a month and three days that i have been in this dreary country. To be fair, London is pretty in the fall, especially when the sun is out and the whole fall leaves bit is going on. And then the temperature drops come the evening and three layers of clothes is not enough to take away the chill, and my butt is freezes over. That's when i think of the sunny skies and sandy beaches of home and think happy thoughts to take away the cold.

i miss blogging. Thanks, a, for reminding me about this.

School sucks. really. does. I'm terrified.. half the problem is overcoming my fear of inadequecy and looking-stupid. I have endless merciless reading lists and at least 200 pages of crap which i have to digest for every class.. or risk looking stupid and having nothing intelligent to say. Well i've already gone through a few of such classes but NO MORE. next week, *ehhem*, I.shall. class. *gulp*

And then there's the added distraction of S, who's so cute and intelligent i don't know what to do with him. grrr.. i hate men.

Happy thoughts: my floor mates are pretty cool. Yesterday we had dinner where 7 different nationalities with 5 different religions sat down and discuss "world issues" - eg the war between Turks and Kurds, Jews and Muslims, etc etc.. Of course, me, being happily ignorant of such important matters of life-or-death, quietly sat in the corner and ate my lemon pie, smiled and nodded, and tried to look intelligent. Heheh.

i tried to register for this class but the tutor won't let me cause i've already missed three lectures. GULP. it's the THIRD week already and i'm still lost. shit shit shit shit shit. :)

Food is such a comfort. Especially when it's home-cooked.

I got picked on by one of my tutors on Tuesday and now have to submit 1500-word essay by Saturday and think at the rate i'm going, friday night will be spent with the books.


And there's another essay due next week which i haven't read for.

i'm drowning. Save me, someone. Anyone.

happier thoughts: the music on my network is greeeaattt..My sister is coming this weekend and we're all going out. (me, her, s, and jaime). And Christmas is two months away.. yay. :)

I wish i've something uplifting and inspiring to say but damnit, grad school is so not easy. It's fun no doubt.. but it's also tough and I'm still in the process of finding my groove.

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