Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Therapy is..

1. Walking on the Waterloo bridge.

2. Meeting up with Aunty Wai for a cuppa.. even if the endless reading lists still exist, it's always worth seating with her to catch up. :D

3. Sleeping


My presentation went well, and I got my first indictively-graded essay back. Wasn't too bad, considering that it was written in one setting once. :D I guess I won't be repeating after all. Hehhe.

Aunty Wai so graciously printed out all my readings right up to Week 6, which took up about 500 pages in total and saved me a LOT of money. Nice to have own personal printing press, courtesy of King's College, London. Oh and she's into photocopying too. lol. :)

We're making plans for birthdays, Christmas and the theatre. I'm superly excited. :D


English names of places that never fail to make me laugh
1. Barking
2. Penge
3. Elephant and Castle

and my personal favourite,

4. Cockfosters.


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Anonymous said...

cockfosters definitely never fails to make me laugh as well...

jaime :)