Saturday, October 29, 2005

saturday night blues

I’m just a kid and life is a nighmare
I’m just a kid and I know that it’s not fair
Nobody cares cause I’m alone and the world
Is havin’ more fun then me

- Simple Plan, "I'm just a kid"

I hate saturday nights, i really do. If anything, it just highlights the fact that:

a) I have no life out of school.
b) I have no friends. (ok slightly exeggerated here but that's how it feels like.. today at least)
c) S is an idiot.
d) I have no money (to watch a west end show or get entertained or something).
e) S is an idiot.

Ok so it's not all about S. Truth is, this saturday's extra boring cos V's boyfriend is here and she's spending time with him instead of entertaining me. Not that I need to be constantly entertained, although i do feel extremely childish, especially after S tells me he has read two books today plus everything on his list except one article, and is soon gonna take a break to do Chinese calligraphy or watch a Korean movie which he just downloaded.

Me, I woke up after noon, went to Chinatown, spent money buying teapot, teacups, seaweed (??) plus grocery shopping at tesco's till about 5, had dinner, and now i that I've just finished arranging my notes from weeks1-4, i'm having quite the shock realizing that i'm way way wayyy behind in ALL my reading lists and now wonder where all the time went to. :(

ok so maybe what i really want is for S to come over and watch the korean movie with me. Or for S to suggest doing something, or for S to... hehehe.. you see where this is going, don't ya? Which leads me to the conclusion that 1) S is an idiot; 2) I need a life outside S; 3) Saturday nights should be shot dead; 4) i need to grow up, and 5) Good thing S doesn't know about this blog. lol.

And now i'm gonna tabulate the number of pages i have to read for this week...



Dangerous Variable said...

who is S..?

babe* said...

you quoted simple plan???

g. said...

i know. i was playing randomly the songs on my computer, and it came up.. and i was struck at how i could identify with that adolescent pop star. sad huh? :) it was a weird moment.

Anonymous said...

haha S doesn't know bout this blog? yeah good thing u ah... distracted gila nie.. :)