Saturday, June 23, 2007

goodbye penang.. again

the past two weeks in penang and borneo went by too quickly!! had such a good time with the family and friends new and old it seemed like a dream. had a great time in sabah and just when we thought it couldn't get any better, the village(r)s we visited in sarawak completely knocked us off our feet with such hospitality and kindness. twin-otter airyplanes, longboats and four wds are the way to go. :D
i'm out of here in about 18 hours. am sad to leave the family but am looking forward to friends and "real life" in london.. and moving (again)... and work.. and the library. :)
i'm looking forward to what's ahead. the best is yet to come, as always.. and you better believe it. :D

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

turning point

had a meeting with my supervisor today. the first thing she said was, "well done!" and that was such a miracle in itself. heaved sigh of relief and was just truly grateful that she liked the 10,000 draft that i produced in er.. er... 4 days? it's unreal and illogical. god is amazing in my life.

also passed the 6,000 word essay that i had to write in er... 4 days too.

and now just one final exam to go on friday and i'll be homeward bound for 15 glorious days of food, rest, family, doggies, sunshine, shorts, vans, trips, love and everything warm and fuzzy and nice.

muahahhahahahaa..hahahahah ..ahhaha..hahhahah..hhahahahahahaha

bring it on.

bobbie houston last week at church was super.. strengthening my heart and enriching my soul.. supernatural. i'm blessed beyond logic.