Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekend Happenings (NOT)

I'm not used to being a student just yet. Full-time student. gulp. Studying is what I do.. or am supposed to be doing at any rate. Only I live as though I've all the time in the world.. and all the money in the world too. Just went today and got myself a chinese teapot with four cups. :D Explored Chinatown and was tempted on many occassions to make unnecessary purchases, only to stop myself just in time when I think about my bank balance.

I'm inclined to think S an idiot for not asking me out for the weekend. Then I realize that he, way more than me, is taking his full-time student role really seriously, and the only consolation I have is that he's not asking anyone else out. :D But, we're going to the London Jazz Festival so that's something to look forward to. :D

Meanwhile, there's S2, my tutorial partner who's also american and who speaks Indonesian and Chinese and him, i sincerely like, even though again, he's american. Anyhow we're connecting over nerd-talk and as much as i wish I had more of a life out of school, it's not too bad.

ok, so, it's saturday night, and i'm gonna work on my reading list. blek.


a. said...

Wow G, if ur not careful, u'll be americanised by the end of the year!heh:P Jazz fest sounds cool. Ur going with an idiot and not me??!! how can..

g. said...

wat to do. you never ask me out.

Anonymous said...

siapo yg ajak? :)