Thursday, October 20, 2005

this present life

Enjoy some preliminary pictures, taken by my brand new nokia 6230i. :) More to follow!

bus on waterloo bridge. It's my favourite night-walking route. 10 minutes away from where i live. Love the water. Can't get away.

Room 1. When i first came here i thought the room was pretty small. And then i visited some other residences at lse and soas, and now i'm glad i have this little pad. Anyhow, it's clean and new and quiet (cos it's a graduate residence) and i can escape from the world into my own little space as and when i like, so it's great. :)

Room 2. My dining table, tulips and part of my bed. I like. Only sucky part is my window opens up to a view of the wall and the scaffolding of the next door building undergoing renovation.

Room 3. Double bed, attached bathroom, hallway double closets. Also like.

Squirrel at hyde park. I love hyde park. :)

Me with bangs. Heheh. Not had bangs since standard 6. This was taken on the eurostar on the way to paris. Had to wake up early to make mad dash to waterloo station. Paris is lovely. Will return soon, hopefully with wider french vocabulary. Parlez vous anglais? Je ne comprend pa. Merci.


narfnarf said...

i love your phone already. and your bangs. ;)

DARI said...

i think u look different - Dari
miss u gracie

Tiffany said...

Hello! My husband and I are moving to London from America in a few months as he will be a grad student there. It looks like we'll be at Grosvenor house. There aren't any pictures on the accomodation website of the inside of the rooms, so I was glad to find your blog and see your pictures. Is your room a double or is it the double studio?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Tiffany Clason
Louisiana, U.S.A.