Friday, October 28, 2005

Approaching the end of Week 4

Went to a hall party today. Felt just about right cause been working on essays and presentation since last week and had no time for "proper" fun time without feelings of guilt. Granted, I have another presentation next week and a few more essays but all in its time, kan? Party was not too boring and not too wild either, it being a postgrad hall and all. It was a general get-together for the hall more than anything else. Managed to connect with some pretty nice people from upstairs (i live on the ground floor) who were, incidentally, all americans. (what are the chances, really?)

V (my neighbour) and I are fast becoming really good friends. She's Russian, but grew up in Poland, went to college in Holland and studied abroad in New Zealand. She speaks five european languages fluently, has an economics background, super smart, widely travelled, and basically all-round cool chick. We get along well and me and her.. despite originating from opposite ends of the globe. I quite happy. I like. :)

So Grosvenor House has turned out to be more than what I expected. V and I are the more outgoing girls on ground floor "main street". The rest of the girls live right at the back, and our guy neighbours are really hilarious. Am so glad I chose to remain here instead of moving elsewhere or out. Nothing beats waking up half an hour before class, and finishing essays just before deadline knowing that it's only 3 minutes to school. Too spoilt I am. Also saving much on transport costs.. and having more time to procrastinate since I don't have to endure long bus rides and claustraphobic tube rides, should I had lived somewhere further. :)

Meanwhile, S. S accompanied me on long tube ride on weds to heathrow to send Jaime off, after which we went to Chinatown for dinner and then back to my place for a bit before he left so I could finish my essay. I think we're also fast becoming real good friends and more than anything else I want to keep it that way. So.. that's all about S. For now. :D (well that's all i'm telling anyway. *wink* hehe)

I've been building up a sleep deficit. Bad thing is that when I do try to get to bed, I can't fall asleep cos my mind is racing at a million light years an hour and there's no rest for this body. Soul's pretty happy though, so I guess when that's the case, the body will somehow catch up.

Ah well, weekend is in sight. There is hope. :)


Supermanofgod said...

hi grace. what chat id do u use? I'm happy you're blogging again. - Dari my blogger id is supermanofgod so you can check my updates too k?


Dangerous Variable said...

Err... Intro V ler..? Hot chick ar?

a. said... S is still hanging around huh? mmmm..i didnt scare him of? hehe. take care gal

g. said...

dari: chat id? earnhwei i guess? :) yea checked your updates saw your halloween party pictures :)

dv: got bf d. stay away.

a: no you didn't :)

Anonymous said...

v's nice :)
i'll send u the photo we took and u send it to her yah.. when i download it first la.. same goes for s.

thanks again babes for having me at ur place....