Sunday, October 30, 2005

salvation is near

And as usual, it didn't take much (church, or god specifically) to slap me into alignment. :)

had an amazing speaker in church today, mal fletcher, who addressed some very important metaphysical issues that i've been dealing with: why am i here? what's my role? how am i to live my life?

So perhaps i still don't have definite answers to many of my questions, but at least now my heart and soul is set on a higher course. The Word today help clear away some cobwebs, and my mind is renewed.

And in that light, all my worries and obssessions about school (and S) begin to fade away. Negligeble, coz my redeemer lives and because of that, I am too cool. :D


Note to self: stay away from benjy's. 1 quid is too big a price to pay for bad food.

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narfnarf said...

:o) puts things into perspective doesn't it? *hug*