Monday, November 28, 2005

Waiting for answers to life's current most important questions

Will it snow today?

Will it snow this week?

Will it snow at all in London?

Can I play in the snow if it snows?

Will it snow at Warwick this Saturday?

Will we play in the snow if it snows at Warwick this Saturday?

How cold will it be if it snows?


narfnarf said...

Hahahaa...i was just wondering the other day if I should get snow in a can and whom i should give it i know...:o)

g. said...

hehe.. yea it was inspired by gail texting to tell me that it snowed in leicester. it's bloody cold as it is though! :)
mwah babes. mizz ya. can't wait for you to come. email me your mailing address though cos there's some stuff i wanna get from the states. merci.

narfnarf said...

dah hantaq dah.

hang nak hantaq mai apa benda kejadah?

si mangkuk adzim tu...ada ka dia beli basikal hantaq mai kat umah aku ni. basikal! dahlah umah aku takdak elebator! nanti aku terhegeh hegeh nak angkut mai atas ni.

ps hurry and get stuff. only less than three weeks left.