Thursday, December 01, 2005


It feels like i've been here forever when actually, i've only been here less than 3 months and out of that, only two months in school. But in everything, I still believe God is working.. somehow.. even if I've been rather naughty and neglectful of the "fellowship of the body of believers". But then I just trust that he works not based on who i am or what i do, but simply because He is what He is, and I just gotta trust the heart of the Father even if i don't understand the workings of His hand at times.

I finally dropped the half-unit course that I've felt have been really unhelpful during this term after weeks of agonizing over the decision. Carried the "drop-form" in my bag for days before finally chucking it into the box at Students' Services. Yesterday I checked my online status and the good news is that they allowed me to drop it even in the 8th week of term. The bad news is that I have to take two half-unit courses next term, which means extra work. The other good news is that the courses are about stuff that I care about currently (and hopefully will care about next term as well), taught by decent professors and hence those two factors will be motivation enough.

Newly discovered resources: The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) library and the University of London Library which, together with the LSE library carry just about all the books in the world. I found so many books (outside my required reading list) that I've been looking for ages, like, for example, the personal letters and diaries of David Livingstone, the Father Brown collection by Chesterton, Chinese Classics translated into English by James Legge, and a whole lot of other works from world history to literature and beyond beyond beyonddddddd that i can't wait to sink my teeth into. And that's motivating me to get my required reading list out of the way so I can start on my extra-curricular list. Wooohooo... :) i love london.

Ok so. I was just thinking about how things turn out. Most of the time, we start out on a new road purposefully with a "to-do" list which sometimes can turn out to be a very anal "must-do list". And even if all the signs and hints (from above and below) are pointing us in a different direction, sometimes we can be so adamant and set in our ways. While being focused on the goal is a great thing, having a bit of "flexibility" (without of course, being wishy-washy and fickle) to make changes when necessary is something which i have to continually keep in mind. lol. The tricky part is, of course, knowing when to stick with the plan, and when to change. That's where prayer and God comes in I guess.

At any rate, I'd like to think that there's nothing too bad that cannot be undone. And no experience is ever a waste, even if it may seem like "big mistakes" at that moment. The end of a thing is always the beginning of something new. :)

moving right along.

ps: if all goes according to plan, i'll be taking up *ehhem* women rugby soon. lol.


daria said...

hey you. damn, i miss you dear. wish we could talk. i dont have constant access to the net so i rarely go online. hope i'll catcha soon. life's been good. strangely enough. God seems to have tweaked out my heart. suddenly i'm living one day at a time. taking things one step at a time. learning to stop complaining. it's really weird. i still have issues and hang ups but they no longer get the better of me. there's more peace. i'm stilled somehow inside. like im on this path and i cannot be moved by anything i see or hear because i know why i am where i am and why im doing what im doing.

by the way, im saving up so i can go on a trip next year. i dunno if i can make it to london. but im definitely gonna visit you in penang. most definitely. tell me when you're coming home. love you dears. hugs. hugs.

g. said...

love you so much baby. Penang, london.. doesn't matter. look forward to that day. :) *mwahs :)

leumaS said...

women's rugby.... wow.. interesting..... snap some photo, show to us when u back in Penang, ya.... GOD BLESS.