Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Basta! :)

Two books came for me in the mail. The first is called "Late victorian holocausts: El Nino Famine and the Making of the Third World", which talks about draught and famine in India at the turn of the 20th century and how it was actually the fault of policy makers (ie, the British colonizers in India) who prioritized profits over people, that resulted in millions of Indians dying of hunger. Great book. Eye opener. Read it if you have the chance to.

Second book is a worn-out second-hand copy of Marianne Williamson's, "A return to love". :)

Just finished a presentation this morning and slept one hour last night as a result of hyper-procrastination on said presentation and subsequent essay due tomorrow. lol. And i'm still not done with the essay yet. But things are looking great. I know what I'm gonna write and I have it all in my head.. my fingers are just not cooperating. That, and I'm trying to decide whether to sleep, then wake up to write, or write now, then sleep. Oh but I'm going for the ballet "La Sylphide" at 7:30 later with S.. so that's another event on the agenda today.

I'm just so grateful to be here. Having great opportunities and the chance to learn different stuff, meet great people, make new friends and basically, live! Still unbelievable to me, sometimes, at how everything just falls into place, in spite of me being anal and worked up over much stuff. It's just amazing to see how God has been so faithful in just about EVERYTHING. I have, honestly truly, no complaints. lol. :) I just pray that I'll be able to build meaningful relationships with the people around me... which is going pretty well really.. i have some jolly good friends here, truly. :) (And all this in just about 1.5 months of being now that HAS to be God... and the fact that Malaysians are great cooks and our food always taste good cos everybody else's basically suck. lol.) Ok, so I have not been cooking for the whole hall.. but i must say I have pretty decent communal neighbours and we somehow gravitate towards each other especially late at night for some mini impromptu parties and funny meaningless conversation. And sometimes of course, we talk about "world affairs".. lol. My trick is to just read the Economist faithfully and recount everything it said in the previous week's edition. Hehe.

School's coming along too. I think I've gotten over initial self-doubt and am now pretty psyched to finish readings and talk about current topics in confident intelligent fashion. When in doubt, use big words to confuse everyone. lol.

I must say I do like it here A LOT, and there's no where else I'd rather be at this point in time.



love to all.

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Dangerous Variable said...

You would wanna read about China's famine during the Mao's giant leap forward. You might be able to compare and contrast the policies of the colonializers and also a goverment based on a personality cult.