Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dear S..

So my five neighbours are talking about us. lol.

not only are they talking, they are also scheming big time to either 1. speed things up, or 2. find out what the hell is going on. hahaha. E wants to ask you point black, what's up with you and me. V wants us to spend less time together especially if we're gonna be "just friends" because according to developmental economics, our current trend is unsustainable in the long run. O suggests the three guys dress up in a black disguise, then jump on me while im with you, cos hopefully you will be all protective and rescue me and it'll be the most romantic thing ever and we can finally get on with it. lol. HAHAHHA.. it's funny.
sweet and funny.

ok so, my thing is, i'm completely great at being just friends and i guess i want it to stay that way.. cos as much as i like you, you will come at a price that i can't afford or am not willing to pay. :)

so don't take them too seriously.. no matter what their intentions may be. And maybe one day we might end up talking about "us".. or we won't ever. but whether that day comes or not, i'm not in a hurry to rush anything and i'm pretty content for things to remain as they are.. :)

but i do care about you..naturally. cos you're my friend and i generally love my friends and treat them great. :) lol. with a few exceptions of course. *grin*.




Anonymous said...

wow..things are getting pretty hot eh :)


g. said...

hahahaa.. well. ermm.. hmm.. it may seem so, but actually nothing's going on. :)