Sunday, November 06, 2005

Over the weekend, I..

1. Attended "Hillsong women unplugged", featuring guest speakers Bobbie Houston and Christine Caine. It was great, even if i ended up eating tons of chocolates. I think I might be attending this church regularly after all, simply cos there are more people my age there and it's more economical - a 15-minute walk compared to a 4.70quid day travelcard. And the guys are cuter. :) lol. Oh, and delirious will be coming in two weeks to lead worship at their 6pm service. Groovy.

2. Went for guy fawkes day fireworks show with some people from my hall. Walked past st paul's cathedral (which i saw for the first time) to the millenium bridge talking with VERY cute guy from bermuda.. only to find out later that he was just recently attached with some other bermuda-ian girl whom he just met last week..Hmmph. Fireworks was pretty although i expected more than just splashes and bursts of light.. was hoping for "HAPPY GUY FAWKES DAY" or "HI GRACE" or something to be written in the air. But it was fun, even if it was cold. We then went to the oldest english pub (1667) on the Strand and finally ended the night with impromptu cheese and chocolate eating session in my neighbour O's room. Got to know my floormates even better and so that was great.

3. Went with floormates for a food fair at Covent Garden for lunch. They had a variety of gourmet cheeses, meats, liquor, bread, dips, snacks, and pies and we sampled everything that could be sampled, ate some morrocan food and a venison burger each and was quite stuffed after that.

4. Had anna from KT over for dinner on Friday night with V and we had the whole dining thing going with candlelight and wine and talked about everything and it was great cos i've not seen anna in a few weeks and she is one really interesting chick who can talk forever.

4. And now, V is rushing for an essay due today. (Overdue even as i'm writing this), i'm reading for tuesday seminar and formulating yet another essay due thursday (but i'm hoping to finish it earlier cos S and I are going for a ballet on Wednesday night) and drinking coffee and tea while nursing a sore throat. :)

And i'm still trying to understand modern world history and economic concepts. This world is too complicated. Keep it simple, I say.

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