Friday, November 18, 2005

Chasing Time

Went for an ethiopian dinner with anthropology mates. Was really great cos got to mingle and get to know some of the kids in my class whom i wouldn't have find the time to get to know otherwise. Food was great too even if a little pricey. But ah well, everything here's pricey and if i were to keep thinking that way, I won't be eating at all.

Had presentation with Michael the german who basically just talked the time away while i sat beside him and looked pretty. :)

an essetial: friends. As individualistic as we'd like to be, the fact is that no man's an island. and it doesn't matter how smart or hot you are, the reality is that we need people whom we can connect with to add meaning and spice to life. And no matter how confident people look on the outside or how great their cv may be, deep down everybody's struggling with the same questions: "will this person like me? I dont know anyone. Shit shit shit shit shit."

later, I'm going shopping.

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