Monday, November 14, 2005


is saving my graduate student ass. :P

It's so cold. Really. Freezing. I wake up cold and hungry and even though i eat two hours before i sleep, my last thought before falling asleep is usually about how hungry and cold i am and how a steaming plate of nasi kandar would be just perfect... i had visions of nasi kunyit with tandoori chicken last night. terrible terrible. I need to put in a request for a fireplace. Or a hot warm male. hehe. not. Ahhh.. I miss Patrick. Now he would be perfect.

Coming up this week: study groups, french test tomorrow, meeting wednesday, presentation thursday, ethopian dinner with coursemates on thursday, planned dinner with F, and finally, *ehhem*: Richard II, one opera, one india talk and two jazz concerts with S throughout this week. can't wait. lol. :) i feel like a lovesick teenager writing stuff like that down here. lol. only im not lovesick, neither am i a teenager. :D

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