Sunday, November 20, 2005


Have you even been out on a one-to-one "date" with a person and for some weird reason or other, you have absolutely NOTHING to say?

see, i've never had that problem much before. Usually it's pretty easy making conversation.. for me at least.. but the past few days, conversations with S have really been not so hot. talk about awkward moments. lol. i think i'm getting bored.

either that, or the triple combination of him being 1, male; 2, wasp and preppy and 3, buddhist; is a mix that i can't realistically handle.

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Jainuine said...

I can relate myself to such a situation..:). I just changed the date, giving th relationship a small break.When i returned, found things quite share your experience with this novice blogger(if i may call myself one...)