Tuesday, May 09, 2006

to go or not to go?

i went for french class. there were three students and our teacher. not good. i've never been picked on so many times in my life in class. sigh. i felt i paid back all my dues accumulated throughout the year for not doing homework and contributing zero hours towards french outside the classroom. unless you count eating at pret-a-manger to be doing french. the conclusion when all has been heard? i will never EVER take french lessons again. it's over. je ne parle pas francais. je deteste parle francais. tres tellement difficile. c'est tout.

i did not go to see my tutor. kinda chickened out in the end coz i had so many things to ask him but nothing really to say and i wanted to read more before i made a complete fool of myself by astounding him with my knowledge (or lack of it). but now remains that nagging thought ya know.. what if i had gone? maybe he'd have told me words of wisdom from heaven that will propel me instantaneously to firstclass-nerdom. arghhh... also he looks like colin firth and i don't know what to say to such hunkyness. it's like, wow check out those sideburns and high forehead and ok focus focus on what he's saying and stop staring at his broad comfortable-looking chest, g. :D lol. (it's more vivid in my imagination than it is in reality, truly:D)

up next week: goodbye french, hello tutor.

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Anonymous said...

go easy girl... careful u don't ter-french kiss the tutor... muahahahaha... :)