Saturday, May 06, 2006

london's groovy

was kinda craving for some meat after dinner and then i get this call from gz saying hey come over and hang out.. so up i went and he had just returned from dinner at his aunt's and brought back food and so i had yummy ugandan rice with beef and chapati. :D and then we talked about african politics, colonialism, god, marriage..among other things.. and then he fell asleep while i was on the internet. :) so i left.

had two study sessions in two days and am so grateful for grace and strength to study and nail these exams. my first paper is in 20 days.. am now focusing on the later papers (cos they're more difficult) but next week will devote energies towards an404. feeling incredibly nerdy but also enjoying every bit of it. cos i'm returning to my old notes and old readings and they suddenly made more sense than they ever did before.. phew..

meanwhile, been checking out jth on the net and listening to him on itunes. *wink to gail*. hehehe.. and having loads of silly dreams.. :D *giggle* but as always, the best is yet to come.

ok im so grateful to be alive and well. the past few weeks have been just amazing. the weather's been great and things somehow just fall into place, even if at some point they did seem a little sucky. the best thing is that i now do not need a coat outdoors. groovy. just groovy.

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