Sunday, July 09, 2006

pleasant ways

i love the fact that even though it's my last month here in london for this season, i'm still meeting new friends who have in their own special way, made life a little more interesting. my flatmates, for instance, are too cute it's unbelievable. we had a problem with the landlady again coz the person whose room i am renting didn't exactly clear it up with her and she was a little pissed. the boys, however, were trying their best to be on my side and standing up for me even though they've only met me for less than a week.. heheh.. something which i find incredible. i think ax can qualify as the first proper english english friend friend i've met here and he is just so sweet while mt is quite mental. this little room in this crazy flat is definitely one of those things which i wouldn't have gotten even if i had placed a high-priority ad for it. too much fun and i'm quite thankful and surprised by joy.. again.

also met some incredible people by just hanging out on houghton street in school last week with the usual black suspects. had my boss's brand new Canon 30D with me and managed to capture howard davis on a bicycle.. met e from nigeria and we had the most bizzare conversation about a lot of nonsense which got crazier after finding out that we both attended hillsong. hehhehh.. brought him to connect group with me after bumping to him again in school just before i was heading off to waterloo last thursday.

saw tosca and turandot at the roh on monday and friday. turandot especially was pretty amazing.. imagine an italian opera, set in imperial china, playing in london... cool hey.. talk about cosmopolitanism. this monday, will be going for a turandot singalong at the royal opera house with kavita. have not been to one of those before so will be quite the experience singing nessum dorma with a bunch of other crazy people. :D

had dinner with friend from filipins now in london, marcel, and his friends today. brought them to my favourite chinatown restaurant which they all adored and declared their most favourite place to eat as well, and then we went walking around soho, covent garden and the west end. london's too lovely in summer coz it doesn't get dark till about 10 and even then, the night is bright. and the weather is just perfect..

so this week feels like a series of divine connections.. god's grace is just so super amazing and i'm just living this life not really thinking or in hyper-planning mode, but just..chilling.

flight's booked home for august 1st and i will be back in september. i'm calling things that are not as though they are.. coz nothing major's confirmed yet except the place on the phd programme and a place to live at bankside. oh and a job at my favourite kingsway shop. :)

london's beginning to feel like home.. as in, it's not as intimidating or unfriendly as it was when i first got here.. now i feel more ownership towards it.. if that makes any sense.

then again nothing much makes sense at 2:50 in the morning. problem was i slept in the afternoon today after cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom.. so sleeping pattern's a bit skewed. oh i went running at regent's park last thurs at 7am.. which is unusual behavior but i couldn't help it coz the sun was out and sleeping seemed like a waste of time. it's only been my second time there (coz st james park was closer to previous residence). it's so pretty though and apparently the roses are in bloom but i couldnt find any so i'm definitely going back. they're probably located at another section of the park.

also reading a few books simultaneously for dissertation. i figured i gotta write about 500 words a day over a period of 20 days to finish the thing before going home. the writing part isn't difficult.. i firstly just need to know clearly what i wanna say.. which is the tough part. need another miracle hey..:)

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