Wednesday, July 19, 2006

midweek update

i accidentally got my flight invoice meant for the school's financial office. the amount of the ticket and the excess baggage i'm allowed (10kg) totalled a whopping 900 quid. wahhah. still find it unbelievable that someone's spending that amount of money on me.. and more..

got an essay result back today.. glad my professor liked it coz by the time i was due to hand it in, i had already read it a million times and was ready to rip it apart and start over.. :)

meanwhile, am exploring other horizons..

1 comment:

narfnarf said...

explore horizons galore! :o)

muahahhahahahhahahahhahhahhaha...faster so i have someone to do things with because today i went up moongate and something hilarious happened...hehehhehe...