Saturday, July 01, 2006


so today's my last day at g17, 141-143 drury lane, london wc2b 5tb.
so sad to leave.. it's been too much fun here, definitely made sweeter by friends from home who were here to visit!! :)
i'm moving two blocks up to holborn into a flat with three english blokes. it's gonna be a bit tricky coz i'm subletting from the 4th english bloke who didn't tell his housemates that i was gonna move in, and didn't tell his landlady either.. so he's in trouble with them and her.. and one of the housemates told me that i'm in danger of being but the housemates i've met so far are pretty nice and we get along and i think we even like each other (as people). they're decent final year lse students.. and i'm like the best flatmate anybody will ever get.. :) besides, i just want a place for a month to go to work at my photoshop on kingsway and church at tottenham court road and write my dissertation at nights and the location of that flat is so perfect i dont wanna move out or be evicted. so, keep praying for a peacable solution!! :) anyhow i'm gonna be there tomorrow and they can't get rid of me even if they wanted to coz i'm this poor asian girl with nowhere to go.. :D so help me, God.

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