Tuesday, April 25, 2006

noon notes

i just came back from my dv400 revision class and boy do i have loads of revision to do. :(


i guess this is where i start working even though i'm hardly inspired by keynesian economics and growth theories.

i think inside, i'm indian. but if i'm indian then i'd like economics. i don't hate it, i just find it incredibly boring and tiresome. :)

my tutor's so cute though. :D with sideburns wan. HAHAHAa.

feel like skipping french. it starts in 5 minutes. maybe i'lll just go late or something. argh.

ok ok. relax relax. maybe i shud go sleep.


danz da man said...

i have sideburns too!

g. said...

eeeeeeeeee *swooon
but you engaged d marrr. :D