Sunday, April 02, 2006

new weblog entry

wow i just realized i entered only three posts in March. No wonder my ratings are down. I'm kidding, I have no ratings. So for those who faithfully check up on me, this is a summary of what I've been up to lately:

1. I'm now on easter vacation. Five weeks of bliss and it's entering week three and I still haven't revised for my exams but here the holiday ends. Two weeks of gallivanting is more than enough I assure you. On Tuesday after Ayu leaves, I will hit the books. :D

2. I got accepted into the lse phd program. woohooo.. but no funding just yet so those of you who'd like to invest in my education, drop me an email. I'm still looking for money though and am quite sure that it'll turn up. And if it doesn't, i'll still believe the best is yet to come.

3. My exams are in May and June. I'm thinking of going home for summer for a bit, especially if I'll return here in september for next term. Don't know yet. So many plans, don't know how.

4. I am settled at a church, finally. It's called westminster chapel and it's near westminster abbey, parliment cathedral and the westminster methodist center. lol. And st. james park. Groovy music, lepak people, power message and intimate gatherings.. what more could i ask for? and, a good friend who lives in my building goes there too. AND, it's within walking distance through one of the prettiest parks in London. :)

5. Two friends and I drove from lancaster to scotland through the highlands and along the coast. it's b-e-a-u-tiful. I think i now understand a little more why Braveheart and Rob Roy would fight and die for their country.

6. I saw Phantom of the Opera the musical with J. totally groovy.

7. My sister's coming to visit next week. *groan* hehehhe.. :D

8. My dissertation topic got approved and I met with a member of the faculty who gave me great advice for a topic not written about much. hallelujahhhh!!! haha.

9. I have three essays to write. I just wrote one. I now have two more. It's some volunteer work which can be so uninspiring sometimes. But sometimes just gotta plod on no? :P

10. Oh and I have one graded term paper to write. I think I'll work on that Tuesday. Time flies. Unbelievable. sigh.

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