Friday, December 23, 2005

For You

Once, after Pushkin
by Carol Rumens

I loved you once
D'you hear a small "I love you"
Each time we're forced to meet?
Don't groan, don't hide!
A damaged tree can live without a bud:
No one need break the branches and uncover
The green that should have danced, dying inside
I loved you, knowing I'd never be your lover
And now? I wish you summers of leaf-shine
And leaf-shade, and a face in dreams above you
As tender and as innocent as mine.


daria said...

i so wanna give you a big, big hug!!! i'm so happy to know that you're having a ball all over europe. i miss you. it's weird but im resigning from church again. gosh. i cant deny it. i really have to go. it's so weird. long story. i'll tell you soon. i don't go online often these days. obviously. btw, what's your cellphone number there? will give a ring one of these days. love you so much. mwah!!!

g. said...

hey love.
will email you with details.
love and happy new year babe!! miss ya.