Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowed In

First time ever that I've been snowed in. Love the absolute still and silence as cars are not running as fast and there are no planes flying over.

It's so pretty outside too.. snow up to about 10cm now which may not seem much for some but plenty for london zone 2!

Loved the opportunity yesterday to talk about Jesus (again!) to this chick who was new to church. Also in awe of the most heart-warming, incredible, class-of-their-own legendary friends in the form of J and T who are surely undeserved gifts.

Was supposed to go to Gloucester today for an away job for five days. Instead have been told by senior and manager to not travel until it's "safe". I was asked by K to define "safe". I suppose if trains from paddington are cancelled and the tube is not running, that's unsafe enough for me!

The day feels like a cosmic gift in the form of time and wonderment. Time to not work, time to enjoy and breathe in every second of the moment, time to lie by the window and be mesmerized by the snowflakes, the wonder of seeing london all covered in fresh snow, the wonder!! Wonder!! :) (and may i add: time that could be spent cleaning and tidying my room).

i'm loving it. =)

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