Saturday, February 07, 2009


"here is what I wanted to tell you today... Get a life. Get a real life, not just the manic pursuit of the next degree, the next promotion, the bigger payday, the nicer car, the better house. (Do you think you would care about those things if you had a heart attack one afternoon, or if you found a lump in your breast?) Get a deep life, not just the relentless comfort of consumer goods and mass entertainments. Get a life filled with relationships, not just a collection of things and accomplishments. Or perhaps I should not say get a life, when what I really suggesting is for you to be careful to build well the one you and you alone already possess"

Bart Campolo


Kofi Sarfo said...

This runs counter to five year plans :) Let a hundred flowers bloom!

Thing is to carefully build the one you have I guess sketching an outline perhaps is useful. One day. World Bank. Praying it happens for you.

g. said...

Kofi!! A comment!! wow!! fist comment in years and years!! :) i love blooming flowers!!!