Wednesday, December 20, 2006

twenty-five plus one day

From: Grace Choong <*********> Mailed-By:
To: Undisclosed-Recipients
Date: Dec 19, 2006 11:45 AM
Subject: happy twenty-five me!

dear family (both biological and non),

hello from london!! :)

i turn 25 today.

cool huh.

thanks for all the well-wishes (both real and imagined).. hehe. wish
you all were here coz im throwing a party tonight in my room and it'd
be great if you all could be here..

but since you can't, let me just say, that 25 is rocking, i'm thankful
to be alive and living in the most happening city in the world...
blessed in every area.. God has been so so good.. and bring on the
next 25 years, coz i think it'll only get better.. heheh..

so here's to a quarter-life celebration!

im on christmas vacation now. have a bit of a sore throat and slight
fever actually.. it has been a really really long term.. and the past
few weeks were just madness jumping from one activity to another..

but birthdays are good to slow down and have some mindless fun hey. my friend and i are going to check out the leicester square fun fair and try our best to win a huge soft toy. (huge = about 3 feet). :D (uncle peter and i went last week but was unsuccessful in our quest.)

so it's all good. :)

have a great christmas yea, even as we take time to remember the God
who came down to dwell among us..

love to all,


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