Thursday, June 15, 2006

of falangie

an old uni friend came to visit today. had not seen her in years so was quite glad to hug her hello right on long acre. felt a bit surreal but the whole year has been quite that. gail, reggie and i then went to our (gail, kavita and mine) favourite indian buffet on drummand street, which has the best fried purple cabbage ever. :D

i've been thinking, that sometimes i seem to be searching for that something to kickstart my "real life", but the truth is, the stuff that make life worth living is usually right in front of me and within my grasp.. not some mad impossibility.. but so "normal" that i often bypass it in search of the spectacular, quite ignorant that the spectacular is to be found, first and foremost, in the ordinary.. "grace is but glory begun, glory is but grace perfected." (random quote i picked up from the west wing.)

still, there is much magic yet to be found and experienced. lift up your eyes!! coz the best is yet to come, as always. :)

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Dangerous Variable said...

woi.. come back and cook the cabbage for us. How's reggie..? Suet Fong is also in UK. i don't know which part. She called me before she took off last year.