Thursday, March 02, 2006

on the weather..

So the past few days I've had a few late nights which resulted in the luxury (or necessity) of sleeping till noon. I like to sleep with the curtains pulled back (what's the word for it? The opposite of drawn? Drawn means to pull together right? Sharks my english is terrible.) so i can wake up to sunlight illuminating the room. And boy, the past few days the sun has been brilliant - hardly a cloud in the sky - extra motivation to go running.

or not.

I put on my bright coloured clothes (in anticipation of spring), ditch the heavy sweaters and scarf, and step outside to soak in the mild weather as seen through my window, only to be slapped back to the reality that:

1. winter is SO not over (max 4C, min -2)
2. looks are so deceiving
3. england is a country full of weather surprises.

It snowed on Monday, yesterday and today. 10-15 minute sessions of falling white. Earlier, in yet another lecture on poverty, my mind absently tuning in to labor-wages-employment-welfare arguments while making its voyages around the world, it started snowing (again) outside. It didn't really register at first, until people in class started nudging each other, whispering "it's snowing!" and gesturing outside at the gentle dropping flakes. ahhhh.. so pretttyy....

and then five minutes later, it stopped.

I'm still waiting for the much-fabled London covered in absolute white to materialise. Blizzard Geezard.


Dangerous Variable said...

G, I am earning less than half your monthly stipend. I feel exploited and used.

Please highlight it in your class! If possible.

Anonymous said...

well things are six times more expensive here so what do you expect? changed to PPP values, you are earning more than me.