Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Friday!!



I'm so tired. long long week spent writing.. a lot. of nonsense. :)
hopefully it'll be worth it.

Meanwhile, tomorrow i'll be visiting stonehenge. *wink

I have a new neighbour two doors away on the right, across the hallway. chick from singapore, 3rd year undergrad. We're gonna integrate her into the G-floor gang. Muahaha... will be fun.



oh i went for hillsong connect group for the first time last weds. friend had to convince me to go, cos i was so shy and afraid that they'd eat me up. turned out to be great cos everybody was kinda new, the boys cooked.. we had about 10 of us from different countries.. and there were no "cliques" in the group.. so people were kinda mingling. awesome.

can't wait for more. *grin


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