Monday, November 30, 2009

Farewell Delirious

Went for Delirious' last concert (EVER.. for now!) last night. Got tickets by a miracle (They were sold out) and got tickets for friends too (an even bigger miracle) and man, what a night! The cutting edge band started off with the really old tunes.. followed by Delirious riffs after a 15-minute break. Sang all the favourites - obssession, king or cripple, im not ashamed, find me in the river, majesty.. man.. so blown away..

as a result, had delirious juke box playing in head since last night and this whole morning..woke up singing the happy song: My heart is BURSTING LORD! To tell of ALL YOU'VE DONE!! OF how you've changed my life and WASHED AWAY THE PAST!! I WANNA SHOUT IT OUT! FROM EVERY ROOFTOP SING!! FOr now I know my God is for me not against me!!

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