Monday, July 02, 2007


had never been this sick before. am now in brett's place after he dragged me kicking and screaming from my new residence over here coz he didn't wanna leave me alone in my cabin. i didn't wanna go coz it was a long trek to his place but now im glad i did. was in the hospital on saturday and had a series of blood tests for all the usual suspects but everything came out negative. that's the good news. the not so great news is that i can only treat the symptoms, hence am popping paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. my liver!! other than the physical me feeling quite rollercoaster-ish.. i feel fine when the medicine takes effect and shivering and aching when the effect wears off.. like a druggie. am enjoying putney and asda though.. have a pot of chicken soup boiling in the slow cooker downstairs and a pot of fish broth with ginger on the stove..mmmm..mmm.mmmm.mmmm... brett's flatmate, dan, certainly has his kitchen well equipped. except he doesn't have sesame oil.. but that's okay too coz asda's just round the corner. other than that, all is really well. margie came over to help me pack and brought her friend the following day to help me move after hospital.. man that was a godsend, as brett and i were both knackered. he came straight from the airport off the plane from uganda to the hospital. haha. i think it's just amazing how things work out so smoothly, considering how sick i was on saturday. getting better!!

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Anonymous said...

Great that you are well.
BTW, where is the photo that you have promised us... we are all waiting. -- lyndsey