Monday, February 19, 2007

happy chinese new year

it was definitely something to remember this year, celebrating with gail and brett first at aunty wai's on new year's eve, and then new year dinner in chinatown with some duck, scallops, tofu and crispy noodles. and tomorrow, there's more at chinatown with uncle peter. :) also, had the family thing going with gail and brett with breakfast, sleepover and (random) dinner/food in putney. definitely chinese new year family-ish complete with sardine sleeping, camping in front of tv, lazy days, sleeping after meals, eating off the wok in kitchen, corny jokes and teasing... minus the firecrackers, proper chinese food and ANG POWS!! also definitely miss the folks back home and the dogs and cousins and gambling and cookies and all that.. but it was great being in london with the gail and the brett. it gets better. today was a miracle of sorts with my supervisor.. god's favour is so evident in my life i think i'm continually humbled and blown away by how incredibly good He is.
My running bottom line: God is good; He is God and I am not. :)

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