Friday, November 24, 2006

random acts of kindness.. to me!

keith my newest hero came over to repair my apple hdd.. the best part is, he works for apple computers and i hardly even know him. how amazing and cool is that. and i had to leave for church midway while he was here but he happily stayed and did everything everything even when the installer won't work and the screw from the old hdd wouldn't come off.. he stayed and fixed it all up..

and coming back from church i was so hungry i could eat a horse and raj was so kind he gave me some food which i heated up and ate with rice from my neighbour mili. also had cake from girish and agar agar from another neighbour whose name i had forgotten but mannnnn... i'm blessed beyond belief.


Yea it's been quite the two months so far. God has just been so great.. Bankside has been such da bomb..everything and more.. and i just love it, love it all.

I just need to get my research proposal moving. i'm quite looking forward to the whole thing actually. anthropology rocks.

coming up: ski holiday!! watch this space. :D


jaime said... fun and MORE FUN! :)

g. said...

jaimes! :D long time no chat man. how's it going man? :) xxxx